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How to shop (In English)

a) When you find a product you would like to order, do the following: - select the size you want from the dropdown menu. If you are not sure what size to choose, press “storleksguiden” to find out.  when you have selected the correct size, press “lägg i kundkorgen” (add to shopping cart).

b) When you have done this, you will get two choices: - press “fortsätta handla” if you would like to do some more shopping. - press “till kundkorgen” if you are done shopping and would like to place the order.

c) When you are done shopping, you can at any time press “kundkorg” at the upper right corner. Here you will go through 4 steps before the order is complete.
1) Make sure that your order is ok.

- “Produkter” is the products you have ordered. - “Pris” is the Norwegian price of the product.- “Antal” is how many you want of this product. To change size, choose this from the dropdown menu.- To remove a product from you order, press “X”.- If you have a discountcode, enter this in the field “Rabattkod”.

2) Välj leveransmetod - Delivery method, no action needed, please move to next step

3) State your billing information, make sure that information like, name, adress, e-mailadress and mobilenumber is correct

4) Press "Slutför köp" This complete your order and make it possiable to change paymentmethod if you disire.

- After placing a succesful order you will get a confirmation by mail. If you don't get this mail, please contact us on

If you are experiencing any problems, don’t hesitate to contact us!